We're researching European food schemes, please help us.

European Bucky Box Map, calling all AMAP / GASAP farms

There's something missing from this picture. It's a map of local food communities using Bucky Box in Europe. Ouch, outside of the UK the rest of Europe pretty much sits as a big gaping hole in our map.

We think it's time to change this.

So we need your help!

We are only just starting to focus our attention to Europe, but one barrier that has immediately come up has been that of language and terminology. For example instead of being called Community Supported Agriculture like in North America or Box Schemes in the UK, in Europe they go by completely different terms that are local to each region.

This is something we're keen to map out fully.  If this is a topic that is familiar to you, in your particular European region, then we'd love for you to get in contact so we learn more.

Will Bucky Box work for my European operation?

In most cases the short answer is YES.

We built Bucky Box to work internationally from day one. The main reason for this was personal to our team. We saw ourselves in due time travelling to the far reaches of this globe to better understand the food system to make a difference, so we made sure our app would at least work in all places.

As I write this, Bucky Box runs in 6 countries and in 3 languages. The list below summarises the current state of our international support with notes about their further expansion. Let us know if you need something else we haven't built yet.

  • Timezones - all timezones are supported.

  • Currencies - all currencies of the world are supported.

  • Banking support - all banks of the world are technically supported. It takes us 5 mins to add a new bank onto the system from the time we receive your bank's format. We'll add your bank promptly and for free.

  • Language support - the web store and dashboard has been translated into the following languages:

    • English

    • French

    • Italian

    • Brazilian Portuguese

    • more languages are coming, we'll add new languages for free  (you'll need to help us translate the words)

European community food scheme terminology

Below is a table we've made of the terminology used to name community food schemes in Europe. We'll update this table over time.


AustriaGemeinsam Landwirtschaften (GeLa)Solidarische Landwirtschaft
BelgiumCSA [North Belgium]Voedselteams [Flanders]

AMAP [Wallonie]

Groupes d’Achat Solidaire de l’Agriculture Paysanne (GASAP)
Czech RepublicKomunitou podporované zemědělství
FranceAssociation pour le Maintien de l’Agriculture Paysanne (AMAP)GASAP

groupements d'achat
GermanySolidarische Landwirtschaft
HungaryKözösségi mezőgazdálkodás
ItalyGruppi di Acquisto Solidale (GAS)
RomaniaAsociația pentru Susținerea Agriculturii Țărănești (ASAT)
SpainBajo el Asfalto Esta la Huerta
SwitzerlandAgriculture contractuelle de proximité (ACP) [French Region]Verband Regionale Vertragslandwirtschaft (German Areas)
United KingdomBox SchemesCommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Last Updated: 26 November 2015