Bucky Box now integrates PayPal, an easy way to accept credit cards


Over the last couple of weeks our lead developer Ced has been beavering away on integrating PayPal and I'm happy to announce that we've just released it. What it means to Bucky Box powered businesses is a really easy way to accept payments via PayPal's ubiquitous service.

If you plan on accepting credit cards, using PayPal is a great way to start as there's no setup fees or monthly charges, and setting up an account is really easy. We recommend setting up a business account which has the credit card feature built in.

As far as setting up within Bucky Box, you'll now find a new sub-tab in your payments settings that allows you to enter your PayPal account email. That's it, you'll be ready to go!
PayPal settings

For more information about this feature, check out the help article.