New Feature! In-app emailing, making customer engagement easy

This week marks the release of an important new addition to Bucky Box... an in-app emailer. You'll now find an inconspicuous wee mail icon which when clicked will bring up the Bucky Box emailer.

The emailer will allow you to:

  • Send individual emails

  • Send Group Emails and newsletters

  • Create and message templates for your most used messages

  • Insert dynamic content into messages with merge-tags

Email Templates

For many operations, there will be some really common messages that will be sent out repeatedly. These might be messages like:

  • Welcome message to new customers with instructions

  • Account overdue messages and payment details

  • Weekly newsletters, 'what's in your box this week'

To do this, you can create your own templates particular to your own workflow. Note we've added three to get you started:

  • Your account is overdue

  • Using your login for ordering

  • Weekly Newsletter

Email Templates

Using Merge-Tags

Hand in hand with templates comes the ability to dynamically insert content that will expand out into content that is relevant to the customer's details. Use merge-tags to do this, these are specific keywords inside curly brackets {} that will automatically expand out to the information at hand.
Email merge-tags

Targeting who to email.

You can target who to email in a many different ways, it's really quite flexible. Let's cover some of them here so you get the picture:

  • Emailing a single customer from their customer profile
    If you're just emailing a single person, you can message them directly from their profile page.
    Sending an email from the customer profile page

  • Emailing many customers at once
    To email many customers, you can select them directly from the customer list.

  • Using Tags
    Often a good practice is to group you customers by using tags. For example you may tag customers 'newsletter' (to receive the newsletter), or perhaps 'direct-debit' (for those opting to pay by direct debit). You can then filter customers by clicking the tag.Filter customers by using tags
    Tip: There is a hidden tag called negative-balance which allows you to find all the customers who are owing money. You can access it with this URL:

  • Search
    A more nuanced way to select customers is via search. In the example below, we are going to send an email to just those people who live in a particular suburb ('Mt Royal') by search for the suburb name.

  • Emailing from the Delivery Screen
    In some cases you may want to contact customers who are receiving a delivery on a certain day or even a given delivery run on a certain day. You can do this by using the emailer from the Delivery and Packing screens.
    Tip: A common use case is to notify customers ahead of time of their impending delivery. To do this, you can make use of the merge tag  {next_delivery_summary} in the message which will dynamically expand into a summary of their next delivery.


Exporting customer contacts and details

If you prefer to use an external service like Mailchimp or Benchmark, then you'll need to regularly export updated customer lists. We've put this functionality at your finger tips with a drop-down from the mail icon. Simply select the customers you wish to export and click 'Export customer details' and a CSV-formatted spreadsheet file will be downloaded.

You can also click 'View as email addresses' to get a plain text collection of the email address in the case you just want to copy and paste them into an email client like Google Mail, Outlook or Hotmail.

Export email addresses