Springwise features Bucky Box

Springwise features Bucky Box

This morning I woke up to a (good) Twitter storm brewing thanks to Springwise featuring Bucky Box at the top of their homepage.

Here’s an excerpt from the article (which now sits behind a paywall):

…easy-to-use software that automates orders, billing and logistics, the company aims to help propel the emerging decentralized food system in general — and local organic farms in particular — as they sell direct to customers via weekly boxed deliveries. Using Bucky Box’s web application, which is now in beta, weekly administration time can be reduced from two days to two hours, the company says; it also helps to streamline packing, delivery and support. As a social enterprise, meanwhile, Bucky Box reinvests the majority of its profits into non-profit ventures related to the new food system, including farming research, public awareness, and education.

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Springwise features Bucky Box, software for local box schemes and food distributions